Travel to Uzbekistan!

Explore this wonderful country and you will see the splendid architecture, Acquaint with picturesque nature, feel hot wind of deserts and admire dazzling mountain summits!

Famous tradition of Uzbek hospitality, which are so deeply rooted within people, specific local customs and tasteful national cuisine make Uzbekistan a very attractive tourism destination for travelers from all over the word.

map of Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is a very ancient land and, at the same time, a very young nation. It is located in the heart of Central Asia, between the two largest rivers of the region - Amu-Darya and Syr-Darya. It has been the crossroads of the most important trade route in history, the Great Silk Road, serving during centuries the original bridge between the East and the West.

The Republic of Uzbekistan is a country of amazing national contrasts, where the sultry deserts give place to the snow covered mountains, and waterless spaces pass in the deep rivers. Masterpieces of architecture of the last centuries remind of the past, and giants of town-planning specify a megacity.

It is the oldest land in Central Asia having a twenty-fave centuries long history. The ancient land of Uzbeks by myths and legends, is hospitably opened for everybody, wishing to much its history, to admire marvelous beauty of natural reserves and to feel the Orient spirit.

The Great Silk Road with merchant s caravans loaded with Chinese silk, Indian spices and jewels, Iranian silver goods passed through the territory of Uzbekistan.

Traveling across Uzbekistan is full of romantic, and for someone - an opportunity to glance in the past. The diversified tourist programs and routes are offered to tourists and guests of the Republic Uzbekistan. One prefer to make the unforgettable trip through the history, not only having a look at the remains, keep at the museums of the republic, but feeling the silence of the distant past in sites of the ancient settlements, visiting temples of the republic to admire the unique flora and fauna. The third once are the fans of extreme tourism, such as mountaineering, horse riding, rafting, trekking, etc.