Trade Domes of Bukhara

In medieval era, Bukhara was a centralized trading city visited by the merchants from Central Asia, Iran and India, Russia and China. The trading center of Bukhara had influenced the construction and planning of the city. Huge streets in the center had been occupied by bazaars, each of which specialized on a definite type of a product. For the improvement on the squares and crossroads of the streets, specially designed dome buildings called "toki" (ark) had been constructed.

Toki Zargaron
In 1569-1570, according to the 16th century chronicler Hafizi Tanish, the biggest trade markets Toki Zargaron had been built. Its name means "the jewelers dome", the building that is marvelous of its type. The dome ceilings of Toki Zargaron are very beautiful, their forms are complete and sharp. They do not obtain any type of decoration, everything is prevailed by constructive logics: massive arks step out with their sharp elastic ribs above thin covers of the domes and ceilings.

Toki Sarrafon
With active participation of moneychangers, various currency operations took place under the trade dome of Toki Sarrafon located near the ancient stream Shahrud. Moreover, various types of embroidered headwear, fur clothes, earrings, precious harnesses and the dishes had been sold in this place.

Toki Telpak Furushon
Marvelous headwear could be bought in Toki Telpak Furushon: gold embroidered skullcaps, fur hats and unique kinds of turbans. This was also the location of a gallery with the niches, closets and goods storehouses.


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